Monday, September 1, 2008

Pat Canady's Photo Gallery from Denver Convention

I started copying all of her pictures then decided to just you view the entire album. Pat has captions under each picture so you can tell what's going on. She took some great ones.

None of us could get to every event so Pat attended some events that neither Elly nor I attended - like Grandparents for Obama!

from Judy Nagle

Sunday, August 31, 2008

After Party at the Hotel Bar Thursday night!

Our very own retired General John Adams and his lovely wife Laura.

Pat Canady eagerly involved in how to win the state for Obama!

Ted Prezelski taking a break from blogging.

A big wave from Paul Eckerstrom.

Byron Howard, Bruce Huerlin, Elly Anderson.

F. Ann Rodriguez.

Paul Eckerstrom, Tim Huerlin

Bruce Huerlin and Elly.

After INVESCO party of Tucson delegation!!!
That's Carmen Prezelski in the red. She was sitting behind me.

The teleprompter!!!

Nathan and his family. They didn't get to stay very long. It was just too hot for his toddler.

This is my view of the big screen - the only way we could see who was speaking - or singing!

This is not zoomed so you can tell that we could not tell at all who was at the podium!!

Notes from Judy Nagle - INVESCO!

Renee Morton and her lovely daughter - but I'm not a good photographer and only took one picture. Sorry Renee! Her eyes are closed. They are both darling people.

Huge INVESCO stadium! The Arizona delegation guests were given tickets for this event with section and seat numbers, but we were told at the breakfast meeting that the seats were not reserved - just the section. Which meant we had to arrive early or not get a good seat. My group wanted to leave at 2:30, but I thought that was too late. Boy, was I right! I just happened to ride the light rail over to the stadium at 2pm with Jerry Covey from Sierra Vista. His wife Sharon is a delegate so got to ride the DNC shuttle bus over. When we got on the LR, it was full with a few standing. A lovely young boy gave me his seat. As the LR continued, more and more got on but few got off. After about 4 stops, there was no more room on the LR so people had to wait for the next one. But what a wonderful way to arrive at the stadium! Hotel shuttle to the station, got on the LR car and off at stadium. The last stop an announcement was made that everyone going to INVESCO had to exit now. But those who are disabled could get off and go to the front car and ride to the next stop. I heard someone behind me say she is a senior and can't walk 2-1/2 miles so I followed her to the front car and was able to ride closer in - had to walk only one half mile.

Below is a picture from the top deck of the stadium of the people lined up to go thru the metal detector.

The gal with the floral halo is from Hawaii. We stood in the cool breeze taking a break from sitting in the hot sun. She gave me a Hawaii for Obama button. Picture of me in the Pfizer cap we were given on Tuesday morning at the breakfast. It truly helped me from getting sunburned. I sat in the hot sun for 4 hours.

Notes from Elly Anderson

Thank goodness for Judy's dedication to keeping you all up to date during the Convention through our Dem Dames in Denver blog. One of the big surprises for me was how little time I had for ordinary things like reading and sleeping, much less blogging! Even though the Convention oldies kept telling us what to expect, I thought that I, the compulsive organizer, could certainly manage to get to the meetings and events I wanted to and still be on the floor at the required time. Wrong. But rather than "whine" about the difficulties, I will go directly to the shock and awe of the in-person Convention experience. It was awesome. As a Hillary delegate, I went with feelings halfway between trepidation and excitement - hoping to prove that the media hype about the dissention between Hillary and Obama supporters was a myth (it was!), and wanting to emerge as an Obama supporter, not just an anti-McCain activist. I DID!

Most of all, I was so very proud of my fellow Democrats at this Convention. Through the years, we have survived many tough election defeats by poking fun at ourselves, (Mo Udall's joke about our predilection for forming firing squads in circles), and worse, our attacks on each other for not campaigning hard enough, or smart enough, or whatever enough.

This year at Convention, we all seemed to understand that the stakes are so high, the damage done to every man, woman and child, flora and fauna, the air we breathe, and the water we depend on for life by Bush and his death dealing cronies had to stop, and it was our collective responsibility to do so.

And I believe we will. The sheer depth and breadth of talent and energy and determination shown by every single speaker (even the ones who didn't get a prime-time slot), was inspiring. And the speakers at the few meetings I did get to that took place outside the Pepsi Center - the forum on health care sponsored by The Nation magazine (at Central Presbyterian Church in downtown Denver - yeah Presbyterians!), and the women at the two sessions of the DNC Women's Caucus I attended were up close and personal. If you thought Michelle Obama's Convention speech was terrific, you should have heard her Thursday morning at the DNC Caucus when she said that because of Hillary, Barack Obama ran a better campaign, and came out of the primaries a better man.

Which brings me to my conclusion. First of all, thanks to those of you who gave me the opportunity to be a delegate to this historic Convention. The experience gave me renewed energy and determination and I came away believing that WOMEN VOTERS, Democrats, Republicans and Independents, have the will and the power to unite and win this election -- for all our sakes.

Let's get on with it!

Elly Anderson

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Notes from Pat Canady

After an incredible week of Democratic Convention experiences, tonight was the highlight of my Political experience. You have to understand that I have been involved for 40 years with the Democratic Party. The last time I was totally enthusiastic and inspired was during the Kennedy years. I have worked, but not with my heart, for our party as a volunteer for the years in between. Often, I have thought we should have more then two parties to represent all people and give us more choices.

For many decades the two parties have seemed like a blended mix of failed politics. More recently, grassroots movements have become important in the fate of our country. The reason that grassroots have soared is due to the encouragement of Barack Obama. He believes in involving people from the ground up. This week is the result of all of our work as grassroots volunteers.

Driving to INVESCO field tonight, the bridges over the four lane highways were packed with people for miles away from the stadium. It truly reminded me of a pilgrimage...people needing a change in their lives, a change in their country and a healing with the world. Barack Obama has called us to help him redeem our country.

The stadium filled with people full of HOPE and people knowing that they were called to the table to help Barack Obama fulfill the the American Promise. It was obvious that people felt the need for true change. Obama allowed people from various occupations to speak for their dreams and hopes representing middle American dreams. He obviously listens to our needs and enables us to be part of the solution. The stories were real and the people talked from their hearts.

Barack Obama's speech stood up to Senator John McCain and his false accusations. Even though Senator Obama challenged Senator McCain, he did it with dignity and style. Only Barack Obama could do this with such style. We were glad to see him standing up for himself and not taking the McCain atacks lightly. Obama's speech was compelling and reached out to all of us. His message of Unity was critical throughout the evening. We can do this. YES WE CAN.

Obama accepted the Nomination!

What a surprise! Quite an evening. Because I'm a Hillary supporter, I've been fighting getting to know Obama and trying not to like him. But last night and tonight broke the barrier for me. I'm fully behind him now!

But back to basics. The gates to the Invesco Center were open at 1pm I believe. My friends who were going with me didn't understand that we needed to arrive soon after that, but I left our hotel at 2pm, got the hotel shuttle to the lite rail station and went directly to the Invesco Center. Thank goodness we were close to the beginning of the route. We waited forever it seemed for our train to arrive. Then one man asked a worker there what the problem is and we were told that someone left a package at the station south of us and they were checking it out before letting any more trains thru!

We finally were able to get on our "E" Line and I got the last seat because a nice 12 year old boy gave me his seat. There were already people standing. At every stop few people were getting off and lots more getting on. By the time we were at the 3rd or 4th stop, there was absolutely no more room in the train. People just had to wait for the next one. It appeared that everyone was going to Invesco. Being crowded together in a long train ride allows getting to know the people around you though.

When we arrived at the last stop for us to get off at the Invesco Center and walk 2-1/2 more miles - UGH! - they announced that disabled people could stay on and get off at a closer station. I told the man "I'm 66 yrs old and can't possibly walk almost 3 miles so he said "come on!" Sometimes it's good to be a senior! So instead of almost 3 miles, I had to walk only 1 mile! I don't know how the people on walkers and canes didit. However, there were some golf carts that took those people to the check in gate.

I was so pumped that I hurried to the gate, went thru about 3 gates being checked at every one, before I got to the metal detector. There was one line with hardly anyone in it - guess which line I got in! Check in there was quite easy. They x-rayed the bags and purses and made us take a drink from our water bottle to make sure it was water, then let us go into Invesco.

Forgot to tell you that Coca Cola gave out free ice cold bottles of Dasani water to everyone coming in. It was a lifesaver. I drank half a bottle before getting to the metal detector!

So, they let us take the water in after we took a drink of it! The rest was easy. There were official "Obama" stores selling tees and buttons and posters and more, but they were making everyone fill out the donation form if they bought anything. I didn't want to stop going in so didn't buy anything. I followed the arrows to the 5th level and was wonderfully surprised to have escalators all the way up to the 5th level. 3 different escalators. Nice! Lots of food booths. I found the 537 section and went up to save seats for my friends who were supposed to be coming.

It was so hot! We were on the east side which was in direct sun and there were few breezes. Some people were applying SPF sunscreen - some men removed their t-shirts and got very sunburned - I wore long sleeves and a baseball cap (a first for me) and tried to keep from getting any exposed skin from getting burned. For 4 hours I sat in the very hot sun waiting for my friends. The place was filling up. I was on the top tier. Sound system was terrible and we couldn't understand very much of what was being said from any of the speakers. The musicians that performed - Cheryl Crow and Steve Wonder - were way behind the podium and we could hardly see them except on the huge tv screen. It was not a lot of fun sitting in the terrible heat, not able to understand the speakers, people still coming in and walking up the stairs above us because the seats becoming scarce. Some people left. One couple of my friends had a toddler and stayed about 15 mintues and had to leave because the toddler just hasn't learned to be a political junkie yet.

I met a darling gal from Hawaii with whom I traded pins. She gave me one from Hawaii and I gave her a Unity button with both Hillary and Obama on it.

With 77,000 people attending this event, it suddenly occurred to me that I couldn't hear Obama when he did start speaking and the rush of that many people leaving at the same time would be horendous - I decided I had enough excitement for the evening and went down to get some dinner. While waiting in another long line to order food, I decided to head back to the hotel for dinner in the bar and to watch Obama's speech - at least I could hear and understand the speech here.

Leaving there was another problem. First, I asked a policeman how to get out and he said I had to walk around the Center to the other side to get out. I didn't like that answer so he said to just leave the same way I came in but I would have to ask the security guard that let me in. That guy was great and let me go right out! So I headed out toward the lite rail. There were barriers up so I didn't have much choice of where to go - just didn't know how far it would be.

When I passed the first check in point, there were lots of people - about 50 - hoping for a ticket. I asked the security guard there if I could give my ticket to someone and she said yes so I asked who I should give it to. She pointed to a group of women so I gave it to one of them. After leaving that checkpoint, I encountered another checkpoint where people were begging for a ticket. I told them I wished I had more to give.

About a mile later I reached the lite rail station. Fortunately, Renee Morton had given me her LR pass because she wasn't using it. The only way anyone could get into the gate to the station was to show a pass to the police. If not for Renee's pass, I would have had to walk a mile to the next station. There were police everywhere. The trains were slow, a gal was selling Obama buttons - too expensive - but it had cooled off because the sun was on the other side of the Invesco center. The train finally arrived and many of us entered and I got to ride all the way "home" on that train. Met a very nice lady from Wilmington, N. C., who invited me to visit her. Called the Hotel shuttle 2 stops before mine so the shuttle was at the station when I arrived. And he took me to the hotel.

Wow, what service. Maybe I can get Bob to be my chauffeur when I return home? NOT!

Went to the bar, ordered dinner and was in time to watch that glorious bio of Obama's life. Then the great speech. I understand he wrote it himself - mostly, at least. Having been at the Invesco earlier, I knew the roar of the crowd. It doesn't come thru on the television. You just can't hear the complete roar over the telly. The excitement isn't on tv. You can't make friends with the people next to you over the tv. We are all a family of Democrats and don't have any problems speaking to each other and making new friends. We save seats for each other - offer to bring food and drinks for each other. Offer to help in many ways to people we have just met because they are democrats.

Because we are happy to have this intelligent man to work for as our next President. Because we admire his wife and children. Because we like his choice of vice president. Because he spoke so highly of my candidate Hillary Clinton. Because Obama is a sincere man and he truly wants to make changes for all of us and not keep making the rich richer by taking from the poor.

This is truly a wonderful family to have. We will all return to our homes and try to spread this enthusiasm to others but it's difficult. You had to be there! I want to have his speech from tonight on a DVD and show it to everyone again and again. I want to shake my friends back home who say they are going to write in Hillary's name on the November ballot. I want to tell them we can't let McCan't be elected! We have to work toward the goal of starting our country in an upward direction.

Okay, enough for this momen. Elly, JoJene and Bruce are back and want me to leave the bar and join them in the dining room!!!